Resilience Academy helps people like you become stronger inside and handle life's challenges. I offer easy-to-follow courses and personal coaching to help you build resilience and grow. With my guidance, you can unlock your full potential and face any obstacle with confidence and determination.

"Brian's coaching changed my life. His insights and support helped me build resilience and achieve my goals."

- Sarah M.


At Resilience Academy, my mission is to empower you with the tools and strategies to overcome life's challenges and thrive with confidence and resilience.


Personalized coaching and comprehensive courses designed to build resilience and promote personal growth. Learn practical strategies to thrive.


Explore my courses and coaching options tailored to help you manage stress, set goals, and build a strong support network for lasting success.

Your Coach: Brian Banks

Brian Banks brings a wealth of experience in personal development and mental fortitude to his course, "Mastering Resilience to Conquer Life's Challenges." With over a decade of dedicated teaching and coaching, Brian has developed a deep understanding of the strategies that empower individuals to bounce back from adversity, manage stress effectively, and thrive despite life’s hurdles.

Brian's commitment to the study of resilience is not just academic; it’s deeply personal. His journey from wrongful conviction to exoneration and his subsequent achievements in professional football and advocacy work have provided him with unique insights. These experiences translate into actionable lessons for those eager to strengthen their own resilience muscles.

Beyond the classroom, Brian is a passionate advocate for the transformative power of resilience. His connection to the course material is palpable in the engaging and empathetic manner with which he guides his students through the complex landscape of personal growth. Brian’s genuine interest in the success and well-being of his participants is reflected in his teaching style—interactive, supportive, and always focused on helping others discover their potential to overcome and excel.

Through "Mastering Resilience to Conquer Life's Challenges," Brian aims to inspire a profound and enduring shift in how we all confront and ultimately rise above life’s inevitable challenges.
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